How to Write a Money-Making Welcome Email Sequence

July 6, 2020

My best tips for writing a welcome email sequence that steals hearts and open wallets (the non-sleazy way).

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How to write a welcome sequence
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Are you looking for tips on how to write a welcome email sequence that steals hearts and opens wallets?

A great welcome sequence can help you build strong relationships with your new subscribers and turn them into perfect buyers in just 7 short days.

In this article, I’m going to share my top tips for writing a welcome email sequence that actually makes you money – and sets you up for major business growth in the long run.

What Is a Welcome Email Sequence

A welcome email sequence is an automated series of emails that go out to everyone who subscribes to your email list.

It is your #1 opportunity to start building a relationship with your new subscribers – one you cannot afford to miss.

Why You Need a Welcome Email Sequence (Like, Yesterday)

I’ve got a confession to make.

For the longest time, I didn’t have my own welcome email sequence.

Being a sales funnel copywriter, I wrote them for other creative business owners, coaches, and consultants all day long…

But was way too overwhelmed with All The Business Things to sit down and create my own.

So if you’re in the same place…

I feel you.

And I’ve got your back.

Here’s a fun fact:

While the average open rate of regular emails is between 15-25%, the average open rate of the first email of your welcome sequence is roughly 50%.

At this point, your new subscriber is actually excited to hear from you, get to know you, and, yes, BUY from you.

If you are not taking advantage of this opportunity, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in potential sales

And potentially dooming your actual sales emails to be lost in their inbox forever.

So if you’ve been procrastinating on writing your own money-making email sequence…

Let’s change that right now.

4 Tips to Write a Money-Making Welcome Email Sequence

1. Get on camera (for, like, 5 seconds).

While this article is all about writing a money-making sequence, words are not the only thing up our sleeves.

I like to include at least one GIF or a short video in each welcome sequence I write for my clients.

It is eye-catching, adds a bit of personality to your emails, and helps your customer connect with you on a deeper level.

You can use a free GIF making software like GIPHY to make your own GIFs. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated – a little wave and you saying “hey!” will do.

Alternatively, you can also shoot a 1-2 minute welcome video using free software like Loom.

Again, don’t make a big production out of it – the more “real”, the better!

2. Show (don’t tell) your subscribers how to whitelist your emails.

If your emails are getting lost in Spam folders (or the Promotions tab in Gmail), you are not building relationships with your subscribers – and you’re definitely not making sales.

Unfortunately, most people don’t follow through when you simply ask them to whitelist your email…

Which is why you need to SHOW them how to do it.

Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Use the P.P.S section of your very first email to remind people to whitelist your emails.
  2. Add a photo with a little arrow pointing to where they need to go to whitelist your email.


This should help keep your future emails out of your new subscriber’s Spam folder.

3. Tell (goofy, embarrassing, heartfelt) stories.

The #1 goal of your email sequence is to connect to your potential clients and customers on an emotional level.

The best way to do it?

Telling really good stories.

No, not the “elevator pitch” type of stories.

The “oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing/crying” type of stories.

Got an embarrassing story from your early days in business?

This is the place to share it.

Remember a MAJOR turning point that made all the difference in your life? 

Spare no teary-eyed detail here.

Be raw, be open, be yourself.

Your business (and bank account) will thank you.

4. Make a (small-ish) offer.

So many people miss out on making their first sale when their new subscriber is MOST excited to buy.

Contrary to popular belief, your welcome email sequence is not just for showering your new subscriber with free content.

Because here’s the thing…

If you’re doing this business thing right, your work (both paid and free) HELPS people.

And by sitting quietly on the sidelines, making no offers whatsoever, you are robbing them of the opportunity to learn from you.

Your work is so, so needed.

And your potential clients need to hear about it.

So don’t be afraid to make an offer in your last or next-to-last email (writer’s choice).

Keep in mind that this should NOT be your most expensive offer.

A mini-course, a personalized meal plan, or an introductory coaching package are all great options for this email sequence.

5. Follow the Rule of One.

Make sure to only include one call-to-action (CTA) per email.

If you ask your new subscriber to join your Facebook group, whitelist your email, and hit “Reply” in a single email…

You run the risk of them doing NONE of those things.

Pick one CTA.

Do that.

Then write another email. 😉 

“But wait, how many emails should I write?”

So glad you asked!

My favorite welcome email sequence formula features just 5 emails, dripped out over a single week. 

Generally, 4-7 emails = the sweet spot that allows you to tell plenty of stories, make a strong offer, and set some expectations for what’s to come.

Your Next Steps

At this point, you should have everything you need to write a money-making welcome email sequence – or make your existing one that much better.

Want a little more help with your sales copy?

Check out my done-for-you sales funnel copywriting services now.

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