You Don’t Have to Follow 1,000+ People on Instagram

July 15, 2020

A different approach to Instagram marketing – from my rebel heart to yours.

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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Instagram.

I don’t want to follow a thousand people on Instagram.⁠

There, I said it.⁠

I don’t want to follow-for-follow.⁠

I don’t want to “like” your posts if I can’t feel the ENERGY‌ behind them.⁠

And I don’t want to feel bad about unfollowing you after a while if your content does not resonate with me anymore.⁠

It’s exhausting, and, believe it or not…⁠

Bad for business.⁠

Some people would say that’s nuts.⁠

That you gotta “give some to get some.”⁠

That it’s the way the IG‌ game works.⁠

I (wholeheartedly) disagree.⁠

(And not just because I’ve landed $5K+ copywriting clients while only having 65 Instagram followers.)⁠

In the midst of #socialdistancing, I’m not looking for an extra 10 Instagram followers.⁠

I’m looking for…⁠


… you know, people I could tag in silly IG challenges without wondering if they’ll think it’s weird.⁠

…whose stories I could repost with a giant “READ‌‌ THIS‌ Y’ALL” on the bottom because they are just. so. freakin. good.⁠

…who, sometime down the line, would be down for hopping on a Zoom call with some wine and getting to know one another IRL.⁠


If this is you – and especially if you’ve ever felt a bit lonely and out of place on IG‌ before…⁠

✨ Leave your IG‌ handle below.⁠

And check out everyone else who posts theirs.⁠

ZERO‌ pressure to follow anyone, okay?⁠

And ZERO‌ pressure to keep following them after a week/month/whatever.⁠


Read their captions.⁠

Watch their stories.⁠

See if something clicks.⁠

Message them if it does.⁠

(Let’s make some friends, guys.)

PS – Not here to make friends? Want someone to write your launch copy instead?

Check out my done-for-you sales funnel copywriting services here.

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